Come take a journey through
20 years of Red Frogs


So, how did this all begin?
The start of something greater
A crude awakening

“A full beer can fell off a balcony and smashed through the windscreen of a car just metres away from us. I’ve never been back!” – Christine Gourley

It was a real 'spiritual wedgie' moment

“Seeing the need… I realised life isn’t about me anymore, it’s about others” – Andy
One simple question... ``can I help?``


Hotel Chaplaincy is born

The Original Pioneers - Hotel Chaplaincy

The orginal crew! Thank you for the legacy you have built.

Andy Gourley, Tim McDonald, Jack McDonald, Dave Connett, Rebecca Connett, Lucy Cox, Tahnee Williams, Justin Vickers, Stu Bolger, Luke Newman, Wendy Mac, Simon Campbell, Brendan Robinson, Mick Cann, Tim Winnington, Glen Higgins and Dan Smith.

“I’m just standing there with this box of frogs thinking, these things are amazing…” - Andy

Having grabbed some frogs from a local corner store, these small lollies became the ultimate ice breaker for gaining access to these schoolies, to help in the situations they were needed the most.

In the first year Andy grabbed an 80kg box from Campbell’s Cash & Carry in Ashmore

Our first ever sponsor – Juice FM Radio! Thanks for believing in us.
Uni Net launches


45 Volunteers take on 30,000 Schoolies

Andy and the pioneers spread the news about the need for support during Schoolies celebrations and return the next year with a team of 45 volunteers.
First Red Frog Appeal

Churches, organisations and supporters donate 220kg of Allens red frog lollies

Divert and Distract #101
Strategies form

Finding our feet

“The first year was a bunch of us trying our best – working it out. Second year was more organised – Simon Campbell oversaw street teams, I ran the diversion activities/band/entertainment on the back of the truck on the esplanade, Andy ran the hotel chaplains which my team joined after midnight when our noise curfew kicked in.” – Dave Connett, Original Red Frogs volunteer

Call Centre early days

The ‘Call Centre’ was a bunch of Nokia mobiles set to divert – and after hours went straight to Andy’s phone!

Collaboration & Credibility

Getting serious

“The early days involved collaboration between COC Mansfield Youth and Garden City Christian Church and Teen Challenge (Garden City Branch) – we then pulled more “partners” into the decision-making and planning. We developed the idea of portfolios – I looked after Communications and Training across the project and we would regularly meet for operations meetings. Instead of “flying by the seat of our pants” we tried to think a bit more strategically and pool some of our resources – we had to learn to trust each other as youth workers and pastors. The Gold Coast City Council was the government “lead agency” and we worked with them – we even gained authorisation to deliver the volunteer training” – Andrew Staggs, Original Red Frogs volunteer


Big discovery: uni students love FREE STUFF

First uni bags

Andy and the crew soon realised the way to a uni student’s heart was with FREE STUFF! Our heart to bless and reach out to uni students was extended by introducing free uni bags at O-Week.


90 volunteers and budget increases to $4500 as HC introduce the use of video footage of the crowds projected onto the screen on the stage.  The Schoolies responded incredibly well to this, drawing more party-goers from drinking in their rooms to dancing alcohol-free and supervised on the esplanade.

Frogs profile swiftly launches

If you know Andy, you know he has connections. Kicking of the first of many ‘celebrity visits’ with Shaun Hart (Brisbane Lions), Jason Stevens and Matty Rogers (NRL) ‘frogging up’ at Schoolies, and helping launch the profile of Frogs amongst young people and media statewide. This became pivotal in strengthening the relationship with the sporting world, also in need of their own chaplaincy support.

AFL legend and 3 time premiership winner Shaun Hart went on to do 10 years of Frogging – a true legend on and off the field!

'Random acts of pancakes' begin


Volunteers grow to 120 on the Gold Coast armed with 880kg of Allens red frog lollies.
Coast to coast
Why do I do it?

Doing the hard yards

“I remember sleeping in a church hall – we had mattresses all over the floor. After packing up the truck for the night and driving there, we all got woken up to move because the mums and kids were coming in to do playgroup.” – Red Frogs volunteer.


Gaining traction: national growth
Northern Queensland joins in

It's a real problem, ok

“Schoolies in the Whitsundays was developed in light of the learnings of other schoolies programs including the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. Subsequently, right from the start Schoolies needed to be registered in order to participate in the many free or low cost activities that were being held just for them. This was a 100% Schoolies only program and a schoolies photo ID card was developed early on after it was discovered wristbands were not secure enough. This identification assisted in discouraging older people hanging around. I recall schoolies being proud to wear the ID around their necks even when they were not attending schoolies only activities. Due to a high security and police presence (and Liquor Licencing Officers), as well as a comprehensive, safe and secure schoolies only range of activities, the schoolies culture was fun and the schoolies themselves were mostly mature and responsible. I recall parents from as far as Sydney phoning me to ask about their child attending as they had heard we ran a safe schoolies program”. – Bruce Green, Youth Development Officer for Whitsundays Shire Council (2000-2008)

Remember when...

“I remember the year Cathy Geeves and I ran the call centre in the penthouse in Diamonds. We got a call from a room that was worried they wouldn’t get their bond back because they had a frozen chicken stuck in the toilet. What the heck? Who thinks they are going to cook up a Sunday roast at Schoolies? It is incredible how big and influential Red Frogs has become. From those humble beginnings with Simon Campbell, Dave Connett and Andy Gourley with minimal resources (literally running on a prayer) to the well oiled machine of today that impacts so many.” – Di Spediacci, Red Frog volunteer.


Technology catches up

“Carrying two or three mobile phones on me, as Zone Coordinator I was also Crisis Response. I had a guy who was like my bodyguard and I ran across Surfers every night.” – Amanda Turnbull, Red Frog volunteer.

“I went to the call centre one day and met Sarah, Cathy and Di and saw a few Nokia phones and a bunch of post-it notes being taken, calls going in and out – some followed up and others… who knows. Having an IT helpdesk background, I knew all about keeping records and logging jobs. I thought we could do more with some computerised system. Especially as these post-its were just being thrown away afterwards. So I went away and created a simple access database which would give us the ability to track what happened with each call. One of the benefits was having access to hotel lists and contact information of the zone and teams who were looking after it. It was not perfect but helped move Hotel Chaplaincy forward. I volunteered to look after the Call Centre Graveyard Shift, 10pm-6am, and for the next 7 years’ Schoolies weeks, I was in there every single Schoolies night.” – Shayne Rochford, Red Frog Volunteer.
First 'Friend of the Frog'

Friends of the Frog

Breakfree Beachcomber resort became HQ and the first ‘Friends of the Frog’ by donating free rooms to volunteers.


“Those HC shirts remind me of the year I headed up to Airlie for schoolies. We wore shirts that said “RC” (Resort Chaplaincy). Imagine my dismay when it was pointed out that I was calling my team the “RC crew ” and telling everyone how much I loved my “RC crew”… 😩😂 – Suz Gakowski, volunteer.

First education presentation

Sarah Carter presented the first ‘Schoolies’ high school seminar at Browns Plains.

“A moment when I realised it was impacting schoolies culture? I suppose it’s around the same time I became a schoolies celebrity. Where ever I went kids recognised me and pointed me out because I went to their school. I guess I figured if they remembered me hopefully they also remembered what I said. It was also great when kids would tell me they made different choices because of the education program. Often girls told me stories of how they had arguments with friends at schoolies and then they all said, “The Red Frog girl told us we would have arguments.” Then they said it was easier to make up and become friends again just because they were prepared for it.” – Sarah Coleman (Carter), Education Program Pioneer


Now with around 700 volunteers in 13 locations nationally and 3.2 tonnes of Allens red frogs.
Education Program explodes

Educating, Empowering and Equipping

Red Frogs Education programs gain traction in over 60 schools, educating 8000 year 12 students on safe party behaviour and how to survive Schoolies week.

You do what you gotta do

“I also admit it: I started plenty of rumours each year about some poor kid who had his brain turned to mush from a bad, like really bad, batch of drugs. I was very specific. “Yeah… it’s bad. They’re a rotten batch that’s getting around… dodgy druggies this year hey!” I spun a story about a drug lord on a motorbike dealing bad drugs that was so convincing that when I was sitting in briefing one night and the police were talking about this guy on a motorbike that they’d heard about from a large number of sources, I was shaking my head in sadness at the terrible drug situation” – Suz Gakowski, Red Frog Volunteer.
QLD State Government begin funding
Frogs up their entertainment game

Stepping up the Entertainment

‘Follow Me Entertainment’ won the tender to run all the diversionary activities and Hotel Chaplaincy assisted to develop the Entertainment Program based on the experience they’d had from running Schoolies entertainment for years. HC managed the centre stage with the big video screen behind it, ran DJs, giveaways, crowd management, SMS interactive entertainment, breakdancing battles and much more on this stage, and gained a great response from the Schoolies.

Why do I do it?

I was sitting with a girl who had been sexually assaulted

“Her friends left her alone with a guy who took advantage of her, so I stayed by her side until the sun came up, and her Mum came and got her the next day. I helped them work through the process of whether she wanted to take further charges. It was a sobering thought that if I wasn’t there, she would have had to go through all of that emotional turmoil alone.” – Kristy, Red Frogs volunteer


Nestle come on board with full sponsorship
Allens now donate 5% of their total production to the cause of Red Frogs

Red Frog Boardriders do their first major skate trip “Big Bus Tour” and begin a 13 year partnership with JC Epidemic

The Big Bus Tours partnered with Youth Alive and local churches with the purpose of encouraging local youth, meeting them where they were at in life, and being a positive peer presence in the often drug and alcohol influenced communities.

Gold Coast Schoolies core team


400 volunteers now on the Gold Coast alone, with 5.2 tonnes of Allens red frogs across the country. Many of the frogs were donated through Red Frog Appeals driven by local churches.
Officially 'Red Frogs'

Andy is appointed official chaplain for the REDS Rugby

A love note

One of the many signs that the Red Frog is fast becoming a truly loved and treasured presence at Schoolies/Leavers celebrations among young people all over the nation.

Why do we do it?

Schoolie Testimony

“I just want to thank to all Red Frogs for all the help and support they provided us with during week 1 schoolies at Surfers Paradise. My friend got her drink spiked and they were there for her and all of us through the entire ordeal making it sooo much easier. You guys are true heroes so I’d just like to personally thank this amazing organisation and all the work you do”. – Schoolie, Gold Coast. 


2300 calls through to the Red Frogs Hotline
Frogs Aboard P&O

Weekly skate sessions begin at the Godbowl

Red Frogs education program reaching 150 schools nation-wide

Red Frogs safeguarding 53 uni residential colleges with hydration stations, donuts, pancakes and a positive peer presence.

Enter Festy Frogs


10 Years

By ten years in we had reached 17 locations with 70,000+ Schoolies and over 1500 volunteers.
Remember when...

We tried to warn them!

“I remember one year as we were preparing for the arrival of 4 bus loads of Schoolies for the Keppel Island event we heard that the 4 buses would be searched by police on arrival at the marina. We rang our Red Frogs on each of the buses and gave them the news. Turns out the buses had a quick stop in a Rockhampton park where most of the Schoolies ditched their alcohol. Some of the Schoolies were doubtful of our intel and they kept their booze. Sure enough when the buses arrived at the marina they were boarded by police & bags were searched and alcohol confiscated. After that we were the Schoolies heroes and we all enjoyed Schoolies week with almost no alcohol anywhere on the island” – Kevin Whittington, Red Frogs volunteer.

Why do we do it?

Uni Student Testimony

“My first year of study became a blur of alcohol and parties, quickly followed by spiked drinks and hurtful relationships – all situations I had no idea how to deal with or get myself out of.  That is until I met the Red Frog Crew late one Thursday night, and they really helped me ever since.’’ – Jacinda, Uni Student USC.
Uni Program expands

Uni program launches in WA

By 2007 the Red Frogs university program was serving in 75 res colleges and reaching over 30,000 university students.

Leadership training for Student Leaders launches, training young leaders around safe alcoholic events – and also how to hold non-alcoholic events that don’t suck! This has proven to be an integral part of shifting the unhealthy party culture on uni res colleges.

Red Frogs NZ Launches

The Red Frog Crew was invited to attend a University Resident Assistant training seminar followed by a large dance party on campus.  From that night the Red Frog Crew received incredible feedback and demand for the program began to grow rapidly. Now the Red Frog Crew in Auckland has a constant presence in major events, universities and high schools.


Throughout 2008 Red Frogs worked to consolidate branding and set up locations as the program expands to 17 Schoolies hot spots both internationally and nationally.

Red Frogs are now in 95% of Residential Halls/Colleges in Australia, helping to support students through some of the most challenging times they have so far faced in their lives.

Why do I do it?

“I started in 2008 doing UQ ‘Frogging’ here and there probably at (insert some Toga party name). Though my first red frog schoolies experience was in week two just after completing a week and a bit of another ministry camp. Nothing could prepare me for that week and I am so grateful that Gourley persisted I come.

The first room our team visited were a classic schoolies boy crew. ZERO FOOD. Bulk grog. The unit was a pig-sty and one boy had already been taken to hospital but before he had left he had vomited blood all over the bed. I still remember the snap of the glove on my hand as I got into cleaning up.

That was our main room for our team that week and we delivered food twice a day. Pancakes in the morning and dropping boxes and boxes of Maggi noodles in the afternoon. We eventually met the boy who had been taken to hospital and learnt he had received two lots of vital brain surgery that year with about a 60% chance for success. A pretty scary experience for anyone let alone a high school student.

There were heaps of firsts that year, so many friendships made and 10 years later a lot of who I am today is shaped by the experience that started there.” – Jethro Blyth, Red Frogs volunteer


Parent Testimony

“Just a short note to say thank you very much to the two volunteers that helped my son home at about 3.00 am on Wednesday morning. He had been at the beer garden and didn’t feel well and felt quite drunk. Two of your volunteers walked him back to his apartment at Q1. He felt unwell all the next day, throwing up, hallucinating, uncontrollable shaking and various other symptoms. He rang me in Melbourne at 2.30 am the following morning to say he was unwell and thought his drink had been spiked. He rang you guys and somehow you helped get him to the Gold Coast Hospital where they carried out various drug tests and he tested positive to faint signs of LSD liquid and other party drugs. The Gold Coast hospital advised that he should get on the next available flight home as they were concerned that the drugs were still affecting him 24 hours later. He rang me Thursday afternoon saying he was scared and he wanted to come home that night as he could not sleep and kept getting head spins. I immediately booked him a flight home for that night. He is now safe at home with us and I would just like to say thank you very much for your volunteers help as he said he doesn’t know where he would of ended up if they didn’t help him as he passed out in the lift and when he got into the apartment. Once again thank you very much you may have saved my sons life.” – Parent, Gold Coast Schoolies 


Breakthrough in funding
Hello Facebook

Red Frogs join Facebook and rocket to 20,000 likes in the first Schoolies period.

Byron Bay Schoolies response started, run by Red Frogger Dan Joy.

Red Frogs Support Network South Africa launches

In early 2009 a conversation between Red Frogs Australia and Beachhouse South Africa began, and the Red Frogs program was adapted to the South African context for the launch of Red Frogs South Africa during matric holiday that same year.

Why do I do it?


Reforming uni culture

Red Frogs University Survey

In 2010 Red Frogs surveyed 648 university residential college students across different universities.

Red Frogs found that:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 students, given the choice, would prefer attending a non-alcoholic event as opposed to an alcoholic event.
  • 54% of students admitted that they regularly consumed alcohol in order to feel accepted and a part of college culture.
  • 43% of students know someone on their college who suffers from a type of depression.
  • 44% of college students drink 1-2 times a week, with 22% of those drinking 7-9 drinks in one session.

Positive Peer Presence

By being on site during the Orientation Week celebrations the Red Frog teams are able to reduce the number of individuals who would otherwise be swept up in the momentum of the binge drinking culture that exists on university colleges. Our teams provide proactive event support, non-alcoholic programming and training, but also provide positive role modelling outside of these events.

Word of the NZ Red Frog Crew and the work being done by the volunteers spread quickly and in 2010 Red Frogs Support Network were presented with a Community Safety Award by Auckland City Council.


A beautiful bond begins
Why do I do it?

Why I do Red Frogs

“I first started frogging in 2011 at schoolies. I had just finished Year 12 myself and I decided to volunteer instead of head away with my mates. I have a heart to serve and show love to others who feel they don’t deserve it – this was such a practical way to show this love while holding a girls hair back or cooking them pancakes the next morning?! I love that Frogs gives you an amazing privilege to be welcomed into strangers lives to connect with and genuinely care about them.” – Maddie Burgen, Red Frogs volunteer

Red Frogs Support Network Canada launches

Red Frogs go to Fiji

“We have always had the ability to control the parties although Red Frogs helped our crew with emotional issues arising amongst students. We learn’t a lot from how the Frogs deal with mental health issues, emotional students and the quieter students. Red Frogs showed us techniques for adjusting the DJ playlist to ensure no ‘angry music’ was played to avoid fights and physical behaviour. They also showed us the power of conversations and spending time with students to really get to know them. They led the charge in creating non drinking activities in the evening and these have become some of the most popular activities to date. They are hard workers and have now become an integral part of our destination team.” – Jot Lynas, Unleashed Managing Director.

Why do we do it?

“We had a serious situation a few years ago whereby a student was having dark thoughts and wanted to end their life. The Red Frogs stayed with this person every minute of the evening and through the night until we could escort them back to the airport and on a plane back to Australia to reunite them with their parents and seek professional help. Another situation we have had was a student’s mother had decided her daughter was not welcome home on her return to Australia. Red Frogs worked tirelessly to ensure that the student had someone picking her up from the airport and taking her to a safe place to stay on return to Australia. This was very distressing for the student but the Frogs made her feel really comfortable and a strong bond was formed.” – Jot Lynas, Unleashed Managing Director.


We say goodbye to a Frog Legend

Bringing couples together since '97

“After my first year doing frogs – I stood up in front of my little church and encouraged others to volunteer… Only one person jumped on board… I ended up marrying her! Cheers Red Frogs!” – Brett Moller, Red Frogs volunteer

First Splendour in the Grass response

Right place, right time

“Our team was coming out of the chill out zone to do a proactive roaming search around the grounds, and they come across a girl passed out face-down in the mud. They find her completely alone, unconscious and not breathing. They immediately pull her out and quickly take her to the medical tent where the medics perform CPR and save her life.

There are so many more stories like this, where our teams are in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time.” – Chris George, Festivals Coordinator for Red Frogs

Why do we do it?


Cricket Australia step up to the wicket
Impacting the sporting world

“We’ve saved a lot of contracts of players over the years!” – Andy Gourley.

Some areas that Red Frogs have assisted in the sporting arena are promoting early intervention strategies when players aren’t in the best frame of mind to make the right choices, providing support around mental health/high stress as well as supporting players families through tough times.

In a year Red Frogs assisted 564 different players, coaches and admin staff.

Why do we do it?

Parent testimony

“You guys are, in cases, the difference between a parent having their child return from schoolies- or not returning at all. The difference between a young person taken advantage of and a young person walked home safely. A light in a dark place. Amidst waves of temptation toward poor choices and negative influence over disorderly young, you are so strong an example and refuge and encouragement. Do not underestimate your influence and impact on the generations – it echoes into eternity! You are all freaking legends.” – Parent , Gold Coast Schoolies

Red Frogs go to Bali to help take control of the growing number of Australian school leavers venturing overseas for their party celebrations. 

Red Frogs are now recognised as an integral part of the Bali Schoolies response by the Australian Consulate-General in preventing harm and minimising risk to young people.


Education programs see shift in culture
Why do we do it?

Parent Testimony

“I’d just like to say thank you for keeping my step-daughter safe the other night. A young man tried to have his way with her. She was able to put him in his place and you were wonderful enough to walk her home and keep her safe.  God bless you and your members. Keep up the brilliant work. Many thanks.” – Parent, Schoolies.

Schoolie Testimony

“Thank you guys so much for being the best people I’ve met in my life (and I’m not just saying it) one crew of yours saved my life literally and helped me find hope. These guys have inspired me to become a better person and make me want to be a Red Frog, hopefully it can happen.” – Schoolie.

Uni Student Testimony

“The real perk to living on campus is making the most of UBar parties, and an ‘ABC’ party in my O-Week was my biggest disaster of first year. Dressed in nothing but a tote bag crop-top and a pair of underwear fashioned from an empty goon bag, I decided it was time to go home after I fell asleep in the UBar toilets. As a new student I had no clue how to get back to my accommodation, so I stumbled around campus for 30 minutes carrying a chair I’d found. I arrived at a tall wall that I was certain I lived just on the other side of, and tossed my chair over to climb after it. I was halfway over when my goonderwear broke, and the Red Frogs van pulled up to ask me what I was doing.

“I live over this wall, I’m just going home.”

“Um, I don’t think you do, buddy. That’s the M1 motorway.”

“Oh. Right.”

They asked to give me a lift home, and I clambered into their van to sit, nakedly clutching a vomit bag, for the most awkward drive of my life. They were very kind though, and politely avoided mentioning the fact that I’d just thrown a chair onto the freeway or that I was flashing them all. Two years later I’m eternally grateful to the Red Frogs, and am proud to confirm that I do now know my way home from UBar.” – Uni Student, NSW.


Andy shares at TEDxSouthbank
Andy becomes State Finalist Australia's Local Hero
Why do we do it?

Festival-goer Testimony

“I can’t thank you guys enough for the help and support you guys gave us after our tragic morning at Falls Festival. You really helped us all get through what’s been the lowest moments of our lives. Just the talking to us that morning really helped us get our minds of what happened at least for a little bit. And thank you for the help in packing up tents and campsite. So from the bottom of our hearts we just want to thank you again.” – Festival-goer.

Volunteer Testimony

“A few Schoolies called the hotline worried about their friend, as he made comments about committing suicide and was writing his will. We got in the room and were able to bring him in from the balcony and encourage him. I told him that he can change the world and he told me I’m the first person who has ever believed in him and encouraged him. We’ve hung out with them after that night and they’re all happier than ever!” – Red Frogs volunteer. 

Parent Testimony

“Thank you to the Red Frog person in the Brisbane valley who gave assistance to my 19 year old irresponsible son last night. Not happy with his friends who left him on the street. I’ll have something to say to them later. But thank you for looking after him.” – Mum.

Parent Testimony

“What can I say but thank-you so much for supporting my child over the Schoolies period this year at the Gold Coast. Your members were so awesome when my child turned to the Red Frog team for advice after contracting an infection. The team did a quick assessment and identified that she required medical assistance. Once the ambulance was called a Red Frog member waited with her until it had arrived – reassuring her that she was going to be fine.  She is well on the way to recovery after a short stay in hospital and some medication.  This morning she let me know that some Red Frog members were going to make her and her girlfriends some pancakes for breakfast – obviously too partied out to do this for themselves. This is an anxious time for parents particularly when our children are inexperienced and only seventeen, it takes a great deal of fortitude to relinquish them to the arms for their girlfriends knowing full well that their main aim for the week is to party hard.  So from a parent that is relieved that the Schoolies adventure is almost completed thank-you for being there supporting our children when we can’t.” – Parent, Gold Coast Schoolies


Sport chaplaincy: stronger than ever
Boardriders program expands

The Godbowl facility dream becomes a reality with the wall built in the Epicentre and the outdoor section completed.

Girls Only Session begins. 

Why do I do it?

Parent Testimony

“Dear Red Frog, I wanted to say THANK YOU very much for your organization. My son and his friends were down in Rye for their schoolies. Unfortunately they were set upon by a very large mob of young men. Having your service gave them a safe option of getting back to their place safely. They were very distressed and in a little shock with their situation. My son actually handed his mobile to one of you male members so that I could speak to him for my piece of mind. He was very helpful and explained your service. Unfortunately their experience from the incident has cut short their celebration. So while I await their return I looked up “Red Frog” as I had never heard of this organisation. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your services to one and all members involved.” – Parent, Rye Schoolies (VIC)

Schoolie Testimony

On behalf of all of us boys and the girls who were involved in the unfortunate incident last Wednesday morning down at Phillip Island, I’d like thank you so much for your support! What you did for us in our time of need was amazing and I couldn’t have imagined what it would have been like without all of you there! Your caring nature for others is something that I will inspire me personally for the rest of my life! Once again, thank you for being there for us… we remember who you were and will forever be thankful for your work!” – Schoolie, Phillip Island VIC.


20 Years of the Frog
Why do we do it?

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to Red Frogs. I forgot the ladies who supported me when I came crying to the tent at schoolies Gold Coast 2016. I felt like I had someone to talk to and didn’t feel alone. The lady who first sat with me was absolutely so helpful. I forgot her name but I’m thankful she gave me a hug and helped me calm down. After a while two international frogs came down and sat with me. I can only remember a lady named Katie. But one of the girls was from Brazil and one was from America. They both talked to me and honestly I felt so supported like I had no worries in the world. The girl from America gave me her jumper to wear. They eventually got a group of frogs together to take me home. If I didn’t have Red Frogs I don’t know what I would of done. Thank you so much.” – Melanie, Schoolie.